Motorized Roller shutter:

Sliding Gate motors have a variety of models, ranging from load-bearing gates, 600 kg to 3000 kg, frequent opening, overheating protection, and resistance rebound, fast switching types. For your more comfortable use, smart home automatic sliding gate opener could add photocell, flash lamp, two more remote controls and 4 m gear racks. This part could be combined into a carton box. Our sliding door motor has many advantages. Its dust cover can effectively block rainwater, insects and dust which can greatly increase the service life of the motor. For more than six years, we have adhered to the principle of quality as the most important thing, and strictly controlled the products durability to ensure the longest service life. SN Corporation ensures product safety, quality, reliability and durability. Also we provide you with one to one service, and they will provide you with professional solutions


  1. Highly compact dimensions and extremely silent operations
  2. Easy and fast installation
  3. Reliable performance, stable and safe
  4. Slight vibration, low power exhaustion
  5. Manually operated if power off
  6. Long-lasting with high quality
  7. Travel control systems used to control speed and deceleration
  8. Ideal for heavy and intensive service
  9. Powerful exterior waterproofing

Product Specification:


Industrial, Commissarial, Residential


600 – 3000 KG


20 M


2-5 M

Open Style


Motor Voltage

220 – 230V


Single Phase


50 – 60 Hz


280 – 660 W

Current Rating

1.2 – 3 A

Operating Speed

10 – 12m/min


S.S, G.P, M.S

Frame Material


Remote Control Distance

30 M

Remote control mode

Signal / Double Button mode

Limit Switch

Spring / Magnetic limit switch

Alarm Lighting


Place of Origin

China, Italy

Powerful Opener Set: 

Featuring an energy efficient 280 – 550w electric motor, this gate  motor from smoothly sliding gates up to 42 ft. at around 42 ft. per minute with the help of its quality roller chains

High-Quality Construction:

The solid steel construction of our electric gate opener is lightweight and durable, while the ABS cover quickly dispatches heat working together with the highly efficient all-copper motor to provide years of dependable service.

Remote Controls:

This automatic gate opener and closer comes with 2 remote controls, opening your property up from nearly 100 feet away at the push of a button; easily accommodating the needs of large families, small communities, businesses, schools, and more

Full Protection:

Our home and farm gate opener automatically closes after opening but reveres operation if any obstacles are detected by the infrared sensor; the system’s frequency encryption technology also protects your remote controls from spoofing and keeps your gate secure against intruders.